Professional and obliged staff and equipped machinery enables the process of precise quality control of the initial raw materials and final manufactured electrical motors, conforming to the highest international standards.

Laboratory of Physics

Application of advanced machinery such as Dynamometer, Epspein, and Rotor testing machines and having special rooms for supplementary testing such as the acoustic room for noise testing and life test room for conducting the life expectancy tests of different pieces and complete electrical motors in similar or described working conditions, has a great roll in fulfillment of the goals of the company and optimization of the final products. Another distinct specification of the laboratory of Electrogen Co. is having the capability of evaluation of working level of different contractors, conducted periodically, monthly or seasonal. The related deficiencies are reported for each priority, resulting in enhancement of their technical knowledge and consequent upgrading of the quality of initial raw items and final products.

Laboratory of Materials 

Advanced machinery and laboratory equipment such as HV test machine, Galvanometer, Ultrameter and Life test room for testing life expectancy and working condition of different raw materials in different isolation levels enables the laboratory of Electrogen Co. to test and analyze all entered raw materials (such as wire copper, cables, capacitors, sleevings and varnish), thus confirming the most qualified samples to be applied to the production line.

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